March 7 Takotna

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IMG_0197Hi my name is Bob and I am the teacher at Takotna. The students call me Mr. B. Takotna is at the foot of a small mountain on the Takotna River and is 17 miles from McGrath. I have spent most of my life in Alaska and Takotna is one of the best places I have lived and worked. There are around 50 people here and 13 of them attend school. The winter is the favorite time for everyone because of the excellent snow for traveling by snowmachine, as snow mobiles are called. The adults and students travel the 20 miles of Iditarod Trail to McGrath on a regular basis. Many also trap in the winter.

Mrs. Cater here, I had a wonderful time at Takotna school Wed. Most of the students were working at the checkpoint helping out by hauling straw bales to the dogs, serving food to mushers, cleaning dog poop, etc. Everyone in the community pitches in to help. What kinds of things do you do to work as a team at home?

Please see the scrapbook for video and pictures from Wed!

A special thank you to Ms. Ulmer for getting all the classes in the KEY room to visit today and to my pilot Rick for telling us about the airplane.

More from McGrath school tomorrow.

Reach for the Stars!


Mrs. Cater


  1. Mrs. Cater,
    How cold has it gotten? Hope you have a snow-a-rific time!

    Love Evan

    Comment by Evan — 03/08/2007 @ 5:49 pm

  2. Hi Mrs. Cater,
    I love dogs! I hope you are having a good time there. I wish I could help with the dogs there. What are the straw bales for? Do they keep them warm?

    This girl named Alli knows some dogs in the Iditarod. She’s a friend in my class.
    Is it really, really snowy out there? Thanks for the blog!

    Comment by Katy from Birno/Deans class — 03/09/2007 @ 8:59 am

  3. HI agian my first message when i spelled ool i ment cool. So was it cool (i spelled it right) are you having fun

    Comment by GILLIAN — 03/09/2007 @ 9:44 am

  4. The coldest temp so far had been about – 40 below . This is a dry old and feels quite different then our MN cold.

    The straw works as an insulation and bed to help keep the dogs warm and dry. They love making a bed in the straw. The straw is a sense of comfort to the dogs. Wach dog spends a great deal of time making their bed just right!

    Alaska is hurting for snow this year. Part of the trail has no snow. That is why many sleds and mushers had to be taken out of the race.


    Mrs. Cater

    Comment by Anonymous — 03/09/2007 @ 10:53 pm

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