End of the Race

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It’s over.


Lance has won, Gebhardt has come in second, parties have been given, hugs handed around, sleep has been had, meal after meal has been eaten and not a little celebration has been taken and there has been joy and some tears and arguments and discussions and talk of dogs and sleds and who did what and how to who and when and rumor has been layered on rumor until there is enough talk of Iditarod to gag even the most interested observer.

Banquets have been had, more talk has been hashed over and over and kennels have been filled with dogs and the real athletes have been flown back to Anchorage and some are home in their kennels and the streets of Nome are empty, the trucked snow is blown away, the arch stands still there, but alone, quiet, and here and there a person slows in his ambling, shuffling walk to move around the litter.

It’s over.

But wait. Please wait.

They are still out there. The long runners. Alone they are, fighting the same wind and the same cold and the same rough trail with the same brave dogs, wonderful dogs, grand dogs, who want only the same thing, only the one thing.

The buckle.

They are there still and they are coming. Alone and in small groups , each other, fighting it, all of it, their joy the same joy as Lance’s, their dream the same dream, The Dream.

The back runners.

They are coming.

And they too are Iditarod.

Clap for them.

Gary Paulsen


  1. I have been following the race with my Media classes. I am a Media Specialist at Evergreen Park School with the Anoka Hennepin School District. I showed the introduction video to my classes which introduced some of the key mushers in this years race. We followed Jeff King. Kept track of who was in first, who dropped out and who got lost. I was surprised that the newspaper doesn’t follow it more. Just a little article on the second page of the sports section each day. I was really appalled hearing about Ramy Brooks beating his dogs. i hope he can never be in another race.

    Comment by Janet Muscala — 03/20/2007 @ 9:02 am

  2. Hi Janet,

    Nice to have you on board the sled.

    We are focusing on the red lantern with our students this week. There are still some folks on the trail who are spending a great deal of time taking really good care of their dogs.

    I agree that Ramy should never be allowed to race again. The sport has really made an effort to protect its athletes.

    Best regards,

    Sheryl Cater

    Comment by Sheryl Cater — 03/20/2007 @ 6:09 pm

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