Snow, Mushers, and Did You Know?

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I heard you have a snow day Eden Prairie schools! It’s a great opportunity to play outside and study snowflakes. Check out my friends at for a great description of what a snowflake is made of.

Last evening was the musher banquet. Lance Mackay (cancer survivor) was able to pick number 13 starting position. His father and grandfather won the race with that lucky number in years past. Who do you want to win the race ?

Did you know:
a) More people have climbed Mt Everest than have finished the Iditarod?
b) 82 men and women will start the race on Sunday March 2.
c) There is no snow in “The Burn”. This is the area between Rohn River and Nicolai.
d) Approx 631 people have finished the Iditarod.
e) The average dog will have a new bootie placed on his paw every 40 miles. There are 16 dogs on a team each having four paws. How many booties will a team use in 1100 miles?

Hike! Hike!

Mrs. Cater

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