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queens-singingIt’s an adventure!

The word Iditarod comes from the Athabascan word Hiditarod which means a distant place. We decided IditaLEARN means learning from a distant place.

We’re learning about kids in Alaksa, we’re doing a ton of stuff with our teachers learning about weather and cultures of Alaska, we’re reading and discussing dog stories written just for us!

beginning2006IditaLEARN! is an adventure learning project that started by following Eden Lake teachers along the Iditarod trail during parts of The Last Great Race in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Even though we can’t be there in person this year, we’re still learning about kids, cultures, geography and endurance.


In 2008, we connected with teachers and students in Alaska, Gary Paulsen wrote some essays just for us, and Leo Lashock (Paulsen’s dog handler) sent us photos and video clips. Mrs. Cater and Mr. Clay were in Alaska for five days!

IMG_08582007 was a fabulous year for IditaLEARN! We followed Mrs. Cater along the entire Iditarod Trail, saw pictures of kids and dogs, watched videos of mushers at checkpoints, and we heard from teachers and classes. We even got the inside scoop on the winner of the race, Lance Mackey! Mrs. Cater was able to talk to him even before the TV stations caught up to him!

March of 2006 was Sheryl Cater’s first trip to the Iditarod Race, and she wrote about the race, the people and the dogs on the first IditaLEARN Blog site. Hundreds of children followed along for the travels, learning about dogs, cultures, adventure, endurance, and perserverance.

IditaLEARN’s School is:Eden Lake Elementary

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