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Wow! We asked McGrath kids about their town — take a look at what they wrote below (then go see the webcam)! They sent questions for us to answer, too. (They even sent us some of their lessons.)

McGrath kids really liked finding out about Eden Lake students’ days. They decided to share their days with us!

How Many Restaurants are There in McGrath?
By: Teresa, Grade 3
There are four restaurants in McGrath. The names are the B&B, Takusko, and the Café. There is also the Coffee Shop. They are only open part of the day. At the B&B, you could stay and eat.

How Big are the Buildings in McGrath?
By: Sarah, Grade 3
The buildings are medium or big. The biggest is three stories. Most houses are small and tall or medium.

Is McGrath a City, Town, or Village?
By: Kate, Grade 4
McGrath is a village. There are some people that live in McGrath. Most of the people that live in McGrath are family.

Do People Who Live in McGrath Like to go Hunting or Fishing?
By: Colton, Grade 3
Yes, people do. Lots of people go hunting for moose. And there are lots of fish in the river, and people ice fish. Most people in McGrath like to hunt moose a little bit before winter. And there are so many king salmon at Salmon River, but it is far away. There are lots of fish in the Kuskokwim. There are sheefish, silver salmon, and pike.

Are There Bears in McGrath?
By: Kate, Grade 4
Yes, there are bears in McGrath. One guy just got one a few days ago. There are black and brown bears in McGrath.

Does McGrath have a Museum?
By: Caleb, Grade 4
In McGrath, we have one museum. It’s right next to the McGrath School and Library. There are artifacts, and Native Cultures are represented there.

In What Part of Alaska is McGrath?
By: Damion, Grade 5
McGrath is about in the middle of Alaska. It’s on the Kuskokwim River. There’s a place about 55 or 56 miles from here called Madison Creek. It’s a gold mine my family owns. It is more in the middle of Alaska than McGrath. Some maps say McGrath is in the Southwestern region or the Central region. But it’s actually around the middle of Alaska.

Where do People Like to go Sledding in McGrath?
By: Kathleen, Grade 5
We go sledding at the AC Slip. There is a big hill at the school. I slide on the hill like a penguin.

Does McGrath Have an Ice Rink?
By: Kate, Grade 4
Yes, there is an ice rink here. Katie, Sabrina, Alana, Zoey, Daedre, and I go skating almost ever day. The ice rink is on the river. Our rink has snow walls. If you go down to the ice rink, you have to go on a snowmachine. There is a sandbar right under us when we skate.

How Many People Live in McGrath?
By: Sarah, Grade 3
McGrath is a small town. There are 300 or 400 people in McGrath. Most people are friends or family.

How Many buses are there in McGrath?
By: Kathleen, Grade 5
There are two buses in McGrath. One has lots of seats, and the other one is small. The color is yellow. We have to ride in the little bus. We can ride on the big bus in th spring. They’re two school buses.

How Many Lakes are in McGrath?
By: Damion, Grade 5
There are no lakes in McGrath. But there is a place a little up the river called Clam Lake. Clam Lake is about one mile from McGrath. Clam Lake used to be a place where people had Bible camp, but they don’t have it any more for some reason. What encouraged me to write about this is because Minnesota is called Land of a Thousand Lakes.

Is it Beautiful in McGrath in the Winter?
By: Aspen, Grade 5
It is very beautiful here. We go sledding down at the AC Slip. On the trees, there is snow, but it melted because it’s really warm here. At the school, there is a big snow hill. And we can go snowmachining on the river. And the river is beautiful this year. And the snow on the river is fluffy and deep.

How Many Grocery Stores are in McGrath?
By: Kaelen Grade 4
There are three stores in McGrath. The AC, The Shoppe, and Medfra Trading Post. AC is the biggest, and it’s green. The Shoppe is the second biggest and it’s pink. Medfra Trading Post is the smallest, and it’s behind a person’s backyard.

What do People Drive in McGrath?
By: Kaelen, Grade 4
People mostly drive trucks, cars, boats, planes, snowmachines, and four-wheelers. They sound loud. The streets are busy in the morning, and the roads are made of dirt.

Does McGrath Have Carnivals or a Shopper’s Fair?
By: Kaelen, Grade 4
We have a Halloween Carnival, and a shopper’s fair. The Halloween Carnival is a lot of fun. People wear their costumes at it and there are fun games. At the shopper’s fair, there is a lot of stuff to buy. They sell candy, food, homemade jewelry, carvings, knickknacks, and jokes.

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