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So, what’s school like in Takotna? We asked a couple of students from Takotna School to clue us in on their day.

From Laura!
“Takotna School consists of seven rooms, 12 students (sometimes 13 students). We have a principal/ teacher, a teacher aide, a cook, a reading aide person, and a janitor. Our school may be small but we work hard in our studies and help each other out with our work. We also work hard at Iron Dog, Iditarod, and much more. One class room is the younger student’s class room, and the other one is our exercise room, two of the small rooms are our principle and secretary room, and one kitchen. The common room is where seventh grade and up has class.”

Hello, My Name is Rosalie!
“During the Iditarod we do a lot of work. I sometimes am a Pooper-Scooper or helping around in the kitchen. We gather up dog bootys to give away to schools down in the states. We have shifts, day shifts or night. I usually have day the day shift. Other things during Iditarod we do are help the mushers. Usually warm up hot water for their dogs. Haul hay, keep the fires going, and try to all stay on task.” (Can you tell that’s a MOOSE in the picture? Click it to enlarge!)

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