The Iditarod

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What is the Iditarod, you ask? Here’s what Eden Prairie kids had to say:

The Dogs

“They have two layers of fur. They’re smaller than other dogs that run shorter races.”

“Alaskan huskies run the Iditarod mostly. Usually the smarter ones are lead, the bigger and stronger ones are the wheel. There’s like 2,000 pounds on the sleds.”

“They’re strong, very competitive and they’re very smart.”

The Weather

IditaLEARN! “Sometimes it’s really, really cold. They need to pack extra booties for the dogs.”

“They’d rather run at night because of the dogs’ heavy coats.”

“When they take breaks, they huddle up in straw because it’s really cold.”

“The dogs wear booties so they don’t get ice and cracks in their feet.”

What I Like about Learning the Iditarod

“I like to feel the experience of an Alaskan.”

“It must be hard to sleep with all the dogs!”

“I wonder if there are other animals on the Iditarod Trail.”

The Trail

IditaLEARN! “There’s about 20 checkpoints and whatever musher wins, they become a legend.”

“It’s a very long trail.”

“On the even years, part of the trail goes north and on the odd years part of the trail goes south…or something like that.”

“It’s like a plain of ice and there’s noone there. You’re out in the open. It’s very, very cold. Sometime you’ll pass through the Alaskan Range.”


“Some people wanted to travel, and it’s like -60 degrees, and they want to do it without a car so then they started using the dogs and they started the Iditarod.”

“People in a town were sick and they had to get medicine. Mushers traded-off and they went on a trail and it’s called the Iditarod Trail. The people were sick in Nome and they had to travel to Anchorage. Some dogs died. Some people risked their lives. But now they do the race the other way.”

The Race

“It’s a race, a test of courage. It’s a race where all mushers compete. They try to get into the best place they can and they try to just finish.”

“Sometimes if you’re the first one to a checkpoint you get alot of money or gifts like a giant painting.”

“If you win, you get like $400,000 or $50,000.”

“It’s where a musher tries to win a race with 15-16 dogs through Alaska. They have a break and they make food with boiling water.”

“It’s a big race and it’s out in the middle of nowhere. There’s a musher and they have dogs and they’re trying to go to Nome. Then they win the race and if they win they get logs of money and if they succeed they get lots of money.”

“It’s a race with sleddogs.”

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