2007 Videos

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White Mountain 3/13/07mackey

Winner Lance Mackey’s message to kids about following dreams! (WMV file)

or (MPEG4)


Jim Anderson’s Team (wmv file)
Booties! (wmv file)
Even the Little Ones come to Watch (wmv file)
Snowmobiles (wmv file)

Eagle Island

Getting Groceries (wmv file)
Rolling Dog! (wmv file)
Vet Check (wmv file)
Ed Eaton Arrives (wmv file)
Paul Gebhart (wmv file)
Lance Mackey (wmv file)
Lance Mackey talks about Fudge (wmv file)


Spare Sleds (wmv file)



Dog Foot Massage (wmv file)
Rubbing-in Ointment (wmv file)
Bedding-Down the Dogs (wmv file)
Dog Dinner (wmv file)
Heating Pot (wmv file)
Rick Swenson’s Dog Team resting (wmv file)
Dog Coming out of the Plane (wmv file)
Dog Going In! (wmv file) — heading to Anchorage

Takotna Checkpoint

Takotna Checkpoint (wmv file)
Movie Stars! (wmv file)
Checking the Sled at Takota (wmv file)


Video from Nikolai!

Scenery from the Plane (wmv file) — Alaskan Range
More Scenery! (wmv file) — Alaskan Range
Nikolai checkpoint (wmv file) — Teams taking a rest break.
Jeff King Changing a Runner (wmv file)
Jeff King (wmv file) — explains how he got off-route.
A Team Coming in to Nikolai Checkpoint (wmv file)
Nikolai Kids Skyping EL (wmv file) — Mrs. Cater is filming them while they’re taking an EL classroom on a virtual tour of their school!

A Different Kind of “Race” Along the Trail

This Man Walked from Anchorage (wmv file)

The Plane! The Plane!

The Survival Kit (wmv file) — what do you think is required in the kit?
Survival Kit 2 (wmv file) — and….
Mr. Paulsen (wmv file) — he has to do math TOO!
Packing Every Nook and Cranny (wmv file)
Video from the Bush Plane (wmv file) — those are dogsled teams lined-up waaaay down there!

Eden Prairie Kids have gone to the Dogs!


The EdenLake-arod (wmv file) — we really wanted to know what it’s like to pull a sled!
2nd Place (wmv file)

Real Dog Teams Running

Christmas Day Run (wmv file)
Ready to Leave Knik (wmv file) — Queens is excited to run!
Sleddog Power (wmv file) — wait until the very end.
Excitement! (wmv file)
Wrong Turn (wmv file) — just in case you think everything goes well all the time (about 45 seconds in you’ll see a wrong turn)….

Gary Paulsen’s Dog Kennel


Be sure to keep checking back (we’ve got some footage of these dogs pulling the sled and even going the wrong direction!). For now, here are Mr. Paulsen’s own dogs.

Bronco (wmv file)
Bronx (wmv file)
Bucket (wmv file)
Buckshot (wmv file)
Calvin (wmv file)
Ceaser (wmv file)
Cobra (wmv file)
Collie (wmv file)
Cougar (wmv file)
Currie (wmv file)
Fargo (wmv file)
Flash (wmv file)
Flax-lead (wmv file)
Gunner (wmv file)
Hawkeye (wmv file)
Marvin-lead (wmv file)
Myra-lead (wmv file)
Pistol (wmv file)
Queens-lead (wmv file)
Quincy (wmv file)
Raider (wmv file)
Ranger (wmv file)
Razor (wmv file)
Rochester (wmv file)
Rommel (wmv file)
Storm (wmv file)
Thumper-lead (wmv file)
Topeka (wmv file)
Vlad (wmv file)
Wizzard (wmv file)

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