2008 Videos

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Anchorage, Feb 29-March 1, 2008

Role Call at the Musher Banquet (wmv file)
Mr. Clay’s Kids Sent Treats to Matt Calore (wmv file)
The Alaska State Song (wmv file)
Mr. Clay’s Message for his Students back in Eden Prairie (wmv file)
They’re Off! (wmv file)
The End of Mr. Clay’s Iditaride (wmv file)
Mr. Clay’s Message to the Staff at Eden Lake (wmv file)

IditaLEARN!Training Runs in January

Training Run (wmv file)
Leo Lashock follows on a snowmobile (wmv file)
Taking a break! (wmv file)
Leo on “Moose Patrol” (wmv file)
Taking Care of Dog Feet (wmv file)
Through the Trees (wmv file)

The Alaska Rap
IditaLEARN! By Mrs. Cater’s Third Graders — these kids had 15 minutes to gather facts and put them together!

Rap 1 (wmv file)
Rap 2 (wmv file)
Rap 3 (wmv file)
Rap 4 (wmv file)
Rap 5 (wmv file)

A Good Iditarod Overview

Iditarod 2007 Promo on YouTube.

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