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Training Runs!

All training photos by Leo Lashock, permission to use for educational purposes only.

Back at the Kennel

All our dogs are special, most have run to Nome at least once, but Cobra (bottom right) is a bona-fide Champion. He was on Mitch Seavey’s 2004 winning team. He’s retired (just some short fun runs – he still pulls like a horse), and pretty much gets whatever he wants.

All kennel photos are by Leo Lashock, permission to use for educational purposes only.

Tori’s Homemade Sled!

Hi, my name is Tori and I love dogs and dog sledding. Although I have loved dogs all my life, I became interested in dog sledding when I wanted to do something outside in the winter that involved dogs. What also got me interested were the dog sleds and the Iditarod posters in the hallways at school.

I read lots of books and did lots of research on the Internet to learn about dog sledding. Using scrap wood from my backyard and my dad’s tools, I built a dog sled like the ones I saw at school. My friend and my dad helped me along the way. My pictures show the finished dog sled.

My family went on a dog sledding trip north of Duluth. We visited a kennel of 36 Alaskan Huskies. I got to harness, feed, and pet the dogs. The dogs took us on a fun sled ride. When they get hooked up to the gangline, they go wild because they are so excited to run! I learned a lot and had fun!

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