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From Alaska Public Radio

Mrs. Cater talks about children across the globe.
Kids and Paulsen.
Gary Paulsen talks about the Iditarod.

Eden Prairie

Our City, Eden Prairie

We made a podcast and we surprised ourselves! We learned things about Eden Prairie…and we already live here!

We followed an outline called Our City (there are a bunch of other cool places to learn about if you go there!).

We found out about Eden Prairie’s

  • businesses
  • climate…the nitty-gritty, not just that it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter
  • famous people from here
  • our geography
  • our history
  • special landmarks
  • sports we play
  • leisure and recreation
  • entertainment we like
  • a few fun facts at the end.

We sure hope you’ll like finding out about Eden Prairie!

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